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Pet referrals for specialist advice

Our skilled veterinary surgeons can perform most procedures using in-house facilities but, at times, we may advise referral for very specialised care. We’ll usually need to see your pet to decide whether we need to refer them.

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We have built up strong relationships with a few carefully chosen specialist referral centres for when your pet may need advanced imaging (such as CT or MRI scans), specialist orthopaedic surgery and intensive medical therapies (such as chemotherapy).

We mainly refer to three other clinics:

  1. Cave Veterinary Specialists, Bridgewater for chemotherapy and advanced imaging
  2. Mark Owen at Rowe Veterinary Group, Bristol for orthopaedic surgery
  3. The Eye Veterinary Hospital, Leominster for ophthalmic surgery
  4. Hugh Hawkins, chief veterinary surgeon for the GDBA Breeding Centre, from Feldon Vets, Leamington for specialist laparotomy spays