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Our Health Plan for pets in Cheltenham

We offer a Healthcare Plan designed to cover the cost of preventative healthcare for your pet for a modest monthly fee. Our Medivet Healthcare Plan works alongside your pet’s insurance policy and the two combine to help you budget for the vast majority of your veterinary costs to help keep your pet in the best possible shape.

How To Join
Joining is very easy. Simply pop into the surgery and any of our staff can sign you up in a few minutes with our simple form. We would need you to bring your bank details (account number and sort code) but we do not store this information.

More Information
The following essentials are all included in the cost of the plan:

  • Annual vaccinations
  • A whole year’s flea treatment
  • One year’s worm treatment
  • A microchip fitting if required
  • A health check consultation every 6 months with a veterinary surgeon
  • 15% discount off dental treatment
  • 10% discount on Hill’s food
  • 10% discount on all veterinary treatment and drugs. This can be a valuable saving if your pet is on long term medication
  • Our pet healthcare email newsletter
  • Download our Medivet Health Plan leaflet
  • Download the full agreement details

The Plan only takes about 5 minutes to set up. There are no forms to fill in as we do this for you. There is a small joining fee for each pet.