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Safe travels with your cat in Gloucestershire

September 21, 2018

Cats aren’t known for being great travellers. While they’re happy to roam their own territory, they love their creature comforts and can find travelling anywhere a stressful experience. But don’t worry. If you need to take kitty on a car journey, our vet Alison has some top tips to keep it calm.

Of course, no two cats are the same, so if you have any specific questions about how to prepare your pet for a trip out – whether it’s just visiting us or a long journey that’s going to keep you away from home for an extended period – please contact Vets on the Park’s team and they’ll be able to advise you further.

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Your best friend when it comes to journeys with your cat is a dependable carrier. Choose one that’s sturdy, breathable and the right size for your pet – some cats feel more insecure in a larger space – and be sure to familiarise it with its portable home well before you set off.

Your carrier should be easy to clean in case of accidents. Bearing that in mind, you should never opt for a cardboard box – if it gets wet it could fall apart and the last thing you want on a car journey is a scared cat on the loose.

To help your cat get used to a carrier before you travel, try tempting it in with soft bedding and nice treats so it associates the space with good things. And be sure to pack everything else you need into the car first to minimise the stress. If your pet finds it hard to travel you can cover the carrier with a light blanket to help it feel secure.

Do make sure that your cat’s identity tags and chip are up to date in case it does find a way to run off before you get it into the crate.

Hopefully, if you follow these simple steps before your first outing together, both you and your cat will have as stress-free a time travelling as possible.

Remember, if you’ve any further questions, you can always call us on 01242 517199 and we’ll be happy to talk you through your worries and hopefully put your mind at rest.

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