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Healthy teeth and gums for cats

February 7, 2018

Did you know that eight out of 10 cats over the age of three have tooth and gum problems? This is why it’s essential to keep on top of your cat’s dental health to prevent gum disease and tooth loss.

There are five main ways in which you can help stop your cat from getting a toothache, but it might be best to start by booking a dental check-up with our head nurse Rachel Roberts. Simply contact us and we’ll make it happen.

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Five things that will improve your cat’s dental health

Cats are known for being meticulous self-cleaners, but when it comes to their teeth they need a helping hand. Here are five things that can help keep their teeth in top condition.

1. Regular check-ups

Regular dental checks are essential. It’s worth bringing your cat at least once a year for Vets on the Park’s team to check their teeth and look for warning signs of gum disease. It can also help keep everyday problems at bay, like a build-up of plaque and tartar.

It’s important for your vet to know if your cat has had particularly bad breath, occasional bleeding after eating or drooling.

2. A toothbrush

It may sound like an impossible task, but you can actually brush your cat’s teeth and it’s important if you want to keep them in the best condition. There are toothbrushes that are designed specifically for cats, but try to get them used to brushing when they are younger, as adult cats can be more resistant.

3. Cat-friendly toothpaste

Never use human toothpaste on your cat as there are certain ingredients that are not designed to be swallowed. Introduce your pet slowly to the toothpaste by putting a small amount on your finger and letting them smell and taste it.

4. A good diet

Diet is a huge factor that can impact your cat’s dental health. Make sure they’re eating a good combination of wet and dry foods and give them a variety of meats like fish, chicken & beef.

5. A good routine

Cleaning your cat’s teeth shouldn’t be a one-off exercise. Sticking to a routine is key to making sure their teeth are in the best condition. It will also help you notice any changes that may lead to bigger problems if not identified.

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