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Five cat-tastic apps

August 14, 2019

Whether you’re curious about tracking your cat’s daily habits, monitoring its medication or watching it try to catch fish, with the help of these handy apps, there’ll be something for any feline fan. The team at Vets on the Park unanimously agree that owning a cat just got better.

1. Cat Buddy Free

An app specially designed for cat owners, Cat Buddy Free helps you monitor your pet’s daily comings and goings. Record your kitty’s milestones, track its weight and allergies, and keep up-to-date with vaccination schedules. There are also lots of first aid tips to help you with the basics, should your cat need medical assistance.

Download Cat Buddy

2. Cat Translator

Ever wondered what your cat is trying to tell you? Maybe a ‘cat translator’ app could be your answer! These apps have many different recorded audios and sounds which might help you to translate your cat needs, or even how he feels right now. Some even allow you to add your own voice to the app and see how your cat reacts.

Download Cat Translator App

3. PetCoach

Want to provide the best care for your pet? Ask the PetCoach forum a question and you’ll receive advice from hand-picked trainers and animal experts. It can be about training your cat, their health and nutrition or anything else.

Download PetCoach

4. Talking Pets and Image Effects

These great little apps can make your pets talk, add stickers to photos of your pets and combine both effects, along with fun animations, all of which you can share across your social media accounts. Please note though that some of these apps are a paid for subscription service.

Download Pet Effects and Talking Camera

5. Go-Cat® Cat Fishing

Keep your cat entertained with Go-Cat® Cat Fishing. Best used on a tablet, place it flat and watch your cat go wild trying to catch its (electronic) prey.

Download Go-Cat® Cat Fishing

Please note that Vets on the Park is not responsible for the content within the apps or any ill effects caused by downloading and installing them.

As we’re sure you know, these apps should be used purely for fun and if you think your pet has a serious medical condition or requires urgent care, please Call us on 01242 517199 to make an appointment.