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Dog worming advice for spring in Cheltenham

March 7, 2017

Spring worming advice for Cheltenham’s dogs

With spring approaching our pets tend to spend more time outside, so now’s the time to think about protecting your dog against the various worms they can catch.

Why not make an appointment at Vets on the Park, where our nurses can advise you on the best products to keep worms at bay?

Book a worming check-up for your dog

To make the right choice of wormer our vets and staff will need to know a few details about your pet’s lifestyle, so…

  • If you have a garden and your dog plays with toys left on the lawn overnight, there can be an increased risk of lungworm
  • If your dog is very young, one of the main parasites we will look out for is roundworm
  • If your dog is a scavenger, they are more likely to be exposed to tapeworms

Just like fleas, worms are a parasite you should guard against them year-round and regularly.

Having said that, we have some tips on how you can help prevent your dog getting worms in the first place.

  1. Worms are very difficult to spot, so don’t wait for symptoms of infection to appear before you get your pet checked for the first time.
  2. On your next visit, whether it’s for a worm check or not, ask your vet or nurse to create a worming schedule for your dog.
  3. Make a note in your diary of when the next treatment is due. Alternatively, you can ask us to book a reminder for you.
  4. Wash your hands before and after handling your pet and always after handling worming products. Again this is especially important if you have young children.
  5. Some worms live on host animals, alive and dead, so do try to stop your dog from scavenging.
  6. Fleas can carry some worm infections so look out for them. Alongside your worming treatments make sure you keep flea treatments up to date and regularly wash your pet’s bedding.
  7. When you are giving a wormer, make sure you are giving the right dosage for your dog’s weight. We have accurate scales in our Vets on the Park clinic, so please feel free to pop down and check your dog’s weight.