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Dangers of Lungworm

March 13, 2017

Let’s help pet owners understand the dangers of lungworm.

In recent years we’ve all gained more knowledge and understanding of the parasite Angiostrongylus vasorum. Bayer has made an effort to collate the evidence, analyse the data and share this with both veterinary professionals and dog owners. Research shows that general awareness has improved meaning more dog owners across the UK are talking to their vets about lungworm and more dogs are now being protected. 83% of dog owners are now aware of lungworm1, and 71% of vets said they had noticed an increase in owners asking about lungworm2.

To raise awareness even further in 2016, we have embarked on a different approach. We’ve been able to use a range of real life case studies from dog owners from all parts of the country who were keen to share their experiences. The campaign is designed to show the real life experiences of lungworm, and sadly involves some people that wanted to share the consequences of their beloved dogs not being protected.

Our new campaign is actually more like a documentary than a marketing campaign. We hope this candid and honest approach will help all dog owners to act on lungworm. People in some parts of the country are not convinced by the danger lungworm poses. But with lungworm now being endemic throughout much of the UK, all pet owners should have the opportunity to protect their dogs; north, south, east and west.

References: 1 Independent market research, Insight Track, May 2014. 2 Opinion Matters, March 2014.