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Create a cool environment for your bunny

July 14, 2017

In the wild, rabbits will dig burrows in the dirt to avoid the sun’s rays, as finding shelter is their only way of cooling down. Pet rabbits are unable to do this, so you need to provide them with a suitably cool environment to avoid them overheating during the warmer months in Gloucester.

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Top five ways to cool down your bunny

  • Keep their cage well ventilated
  • Ensure they have a supply of fresh water to keep them cool
  • Hang a wet towel over the top of their cage
  • Put ice packs underneath their cage to keep it cool
  • Limit outdoor exercise to mornings and evenings, when temperatures are cooler

Commons signs of overheating

If you suspect your rabbit is suffering from heat exhaustion, firstly check its ears; when rabbits overheat, their ears will become red due to swollen blood vessels.

Also check whether the fur below its nose is wet, breathing is heavy and fast, nostrils are flared and your bunny’s ears and feet feel hot. Another giveaway is if your rabbit is lying sprawled on the floor and generally seems inactive and lethargic.

Don’t panic if your rabbit has any of the symptoms above on a warm day: just give our friendly team at Vets on the Park a call and we’ll advise what action you need to take.

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