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Calming rabbits on fireworks night

October 21, 2019

Rabbits may be renowned for their thumping, but that doesn’t mean they’re immune to unusual and unexpected loud noises. Indeed, rabbits are easily stressed by odd sounds, which means bonfire night can be a particularly anxious time for them.

As always, you can rely on Vets on the Park’s for advice on how to recognise anxiety in your pet and how to deal with it. Simply contact us and Rachel will be happy to answer your questions.

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Signs of anxiety due to loud noises:

Rabbits are sensitive souls and will show signs of distress in a variety of ways, so look out for:

  • Stamping back legs
  • Motionlessness
  • Attempting to escape
  • Grinding teeth
  • Refusal to eat

Preparing for fireworks season

If you think your pet is going to stress out with the whizzes, pops and bangs of the firework season, Alison has the following suggestions to help you create an atmosphere of calm for your bunny. Start by providing your rabbit with plenty of extra bedding so they can burrow in it if they are scared. Ideally, you should bring their hutch indoors where you can keep windows and curtains closed to muffle the noise, but a garage or shed will make a good alternative.

If bringing your pet inside is not an option, try turning their hutch to face a wall or fence instead of the garden. This will help to stifle the sound and prevent them from seeing the flashes of light. Covering the hutch with thick blankets will help to further block out the sound.

And remember, rabbits are social creatures and find strength in numbers, so if you have more than one rabbit, make sure they stick together during fireworks season.

Removing the stress for all

Many pet owners feel stressed about the effects that fireworks might have on their pets, which is why we are on hand to offer advice that will hopefully be calming both for your pet and you.

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