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Belting up your dog with Vets on the Park

September 7, 2018

Dogs generally love a car ride – it usually means a walk is imminent. Then there are the sights and sounds along the way, not to mention the multitude of scents a dog’s unltra-sensitive nose can pick up while it hangs its head out of the window.

But, unpleasant though it is to consider, a free-roaming dog on your back seat is also a potential projectile should you be unfortunate enough to suffer a prang. Also, while it’s fun to see your dog enjoying the wind in its ears as it soaks up those smells, that too is fraught with possible dangers from air-borne debris.

There is a simple solution to keep you and your dog safe and it’s the same one that’s been a legal requirement for all human passengers for years now – as it has been for dogs – wear a seat belt.

But, as the team at Vets on the Park is all too aware, not all dogs are suited to a seat belt for a variety of reasons, but there are some alternatives you can consider. And our head nurse Rachel Roberts has some advice on the best makes of car restraint for your dog when you call 01242 517199 or contact us to ask for more advice.

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Seatbelt alternatives

While there are many suitable seatbelt devices that attach to a dog harness and provide good stability, it’s important to check that they are as safe as they say they are. Some dogs feel uncomfortable wearing them but if you take some time to get them used to being restrained in the car they soon won’t notice.

If your dog really doesn’t take to a seatbelt you can consider a carrier or a dog guard that acts as a barrier between the boot and the rest of the car interior. These are all acceptable, according to the Highway Code, and will provide peace of mind for you and guaranteed safe travel for your pooch.

If you want to discuss further car restraints for your dog, you can contact us or pop in to chat to one of our friendly team. We’re always happy to see you.

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