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Apps to shape up your cat’s abs

January 7, 2020

With smart technology such an integral part of most our lives, it will come as little surprise that many developers have been looking at ways that it can help our pets too. One area of particular interest to cat owners will be that of applications designed to help control pets’ weight – especially as many domestic cats are prone to putting on the odd pound.

Here we’ve put together a few suggestions for the types of gadgets and gizmos that are currently available to help keep your pet’s weight under control, but if you think your tabby’s a bit tubby, don’t hesitates to call on Vets on the Park’s team for advice or to make an appointment.

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Domestic cats have little need to hunt – although instinctively they will as you’ll know if you’ve ever received a live ‘gift’ from one – so often don’t indulge in the sort of activity needed to keep their weight down. Coupled with that the types of food we feed them tend to be high in calorific value and it can be easy to feed them too much, which is where timed, portion-controlled feeders come into their own.

These can ensure that your cat gets a diet which is more akin to the manner in which their ancestors would have eaten, in six or seven small batches a day. Again, the team at Vets on the Park will be happy to advise you on the correct amount to feed your cat.

Some can be aligned with your smartphone and are even capable of firing food out into the air to keep kitty active. And if you invest in a pet camera you can watch the fun even when you’re not there. Some of these are even equipped with laser beams, which you can operate remotely to get your cat playing.

Then there are many downloadable cat games to keep your pet occupied and alert. Rather than simply stomping on your keyboard while you try to work they get to spot and ‘chase’ things on your screen.

You may want to track your pet’s activity throughout the day so you can get a better idea of how much more stimulation and play it might need, in which case there are fitness monitors designed to do just this.

These types of technology really can help keep your cat’s weight in check, but remember it’s best to get a health check for your pet and discuss any ‘fitness’ regime with our vet Alison, so please call us on 01242 517199 to make an appointment.

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