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10 truths all cat owners will understand

September 21, 2019

Cats can be hilarious, mischievous, loving and annoying in equal measure, as any owner will testify. You only have to look at YouTube, Instagram or myriad websites to see how they amuse and frustrate with their antics.

And we wouldn’t have them any other way, which is why every cat lover should ensure their pet stays in peak condition with a regular check-up. Why not contact Rachel on 01242 517199 to book an appointment now?

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Just for fun, we’ve gathered together some of the most common cat truths that every owner will relate to:

  1. You can have a cat, or houseplants. Not both.
  2. You just have to accept that your sofa is now a scratching post. That’s never going to change.
  3. The one day you walk downstairs barefoot will be the day the cat has left a furball for you to tread on.
  4. If the cat falls asleep on you, you can’t move until it wakes. However long that takes.
  5. When you’re sound asleep, your feet are fair game.
  6. Cats will always prefer the box to the toy.
  7. They won’t often have a mad five minutes, but when they do it’ll be loud. And at 3am when the whole house is asleep.
  8. You no longer have your own food, just what the cat lets you eat.
  9. When they need to vomit, they’ll do it on your most prized possession.
  10. It doesn’t matter how naughty or destructive they’ve been, you’ll always forgive them – and never stop loving them.

Obviously the above also applies to kittens, only with extra helpings of cuteness.

If you have a new addition to the household, you can make an appointment to register it with Cheltenham on 01242 517199 and get a check-up to make sure those endearing moments don’t get interrupted by an unexpected health issue.

Make an appointment for a cat check-up